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Youth Ministry

Youth Fellowship

"Let the little Children come to me, and do not hinder them, For the Kingdom of Haven Belongs to such as there." - Matt - 19:14

Youth! Arise And Shine!
Youth! Remember Your Creator Now!
Youth! Empowered To Live For Christ Everywhere!
Youth! Being a Good Steward of God in My Generation!

The young girls prayer group started in 1983 mainly inspiring teens in prayer life. Full day prayer is conducted for the community and nation. Anniversary will be held at the end of every year. On Sundays afternoon at 3pm the meeting is held. The Youth Ministry of The Church of All Saints , Assembly is a group of young people aged 13 to 35 years. The Ministry is purposefully designed to help spiritually train and equip teens in a fun and Godly atmosphere to the Glory of God. And to bring the youth into a closer relationship with Jesus and one another. Camps, Conferences, Drama, discussions, quizzes, trips, and other activities are organized to sustain their interest in the Church and to develop them to become the future of God’s church. Also, the Ministry trains members to evangelize to their peers who are without Christ.

Youth Movement fellowship motivates the young people with a vision about church and society and nurture passion for Christ and His Gospel. We strengthen the body of all youngsters and young adults in our congregation through coming together and being a part of Christian fellowship..

Our aims and objectives are as follows:

  • To teach and train the youth with the word of God so that they could grow spiritually and live for Jesus Christ in this end time.
  • To help the youth develop the qualities of good leadership to take up responsibilities in the church
  • To train the youth in personal evangelism to enable them evangelize to their peers.
  • To assist young people in developing their God given gifts and talent.
  • To challenge and encourage youth to commit their lives to Christ.
  • To help reach out to the youth with the love of God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • To organized social and training programs such as debates, gospel musical programs, drama theatre, relationship talks entrepreneur skills and excursions.