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Choir Ministry

Choir Ministry

The All Saints Church CSI Choir had its beginnings even before the Congregation was officially named in 1846. In 1846 the first choir was formed and organized by Mr.kovilpillai. Mr.Kovilpillai was a first organist and choir master, then Mr.Noble was the choir master.

The Choir at All Saints Church exists to help lead the worship with its singing, and to continue the tradition that music has played an integral part of the life of this church for hundred and Seventy of years. The All Saints Church Choir has always combined well. It assists the Clergy and leads the congregation in singing. Well – known exponents of music impart training in music to the members. The Choir actively participates in the Harvest Festival and renders musical recitals during Christmas, Easter and on special occasions like marriages and funerals at the Church. Members of the Choir visit the elderly and the sick during the Christmas season. Carols are rendered to comfort and cheer them. There are annual retreats and picnics for the members. Now the Church choir consists of thirty trained members enhance the spirit of the worship by singing enchanting harmony of Hymns during Church service.

The Church is blessed with an efficient choir consisting of around thirty active members. The fact that they are utilizing the talents entrusted with them by God to the fullest measure is highly appreciable. Christmas carol is conducted every year in a festive mood. Choir practice is conducted regularly after service on all Sundays. Choir also participates in marriage services as requested by families.

In our church congregations, choirs are made up of volunteers from the church that views their choir membership as stewardship of their talents and time. In fact, most choristers are very committed to their leadership role, often rehearsing for several hours each week, as well as being present for worship each Sunday. Every year during advent we conduct Candle Light Service at 6:30 pm on December month. All the candles hanged inside the Church will be lightened with the help of church youngsters. Special guest will give the word of God Jesus Christ. Singing plays an important role in the worship. The Church choir team has around 30 members. With God given talent of singing they adore God with their awesome voice in every Worship Service. Their support during Christmas, Candle light Service and carol rounds are exemplary. Church Choir is the forum for the youth to elicit their God given talents to glorify His name by singing.